Cobb’s Commentary: Should Colin Kaepernick cut his hair to be employable for the NFL?

Every since I was a child, there has always been a negative stigma placed on the complex curl pattern of native African-American hair. The different variations of hairstyles were always viewed as unprofessional. The only way that an African-American male could acceptably wear his hair was to have a low Ceasar cut or military fade. Steve Harvey also made the afro temp fade popular. However, braids, dreadlocks, twists, and untamed afros were deemed thug-like and unprofessional.

Fast-forward to 2017. Things are different now but not much has changed when it comes to what is acceptable in “white America.”

For centuries black people have been told to make it in this world we have to make white people comfortable. We have to talk, dress and act a certain way to achieve any type of success.

White people on the other hand can really do whatever they want and it rarely has any affect on their upward mobility.

The fact Johnny Manziel is still getting calls from teams should tell you that.

It is sad we as black people still have to deal with what I call the perfection double standard, it is so disheartening to see Michael Vick of all people essentially say that for Colin Kaepernick to play in the NFL he needs to shuck and jive for NFL owners.

Even after all the good work he has done, there are white people out there who hate Michael Vick’s guts, who will forever protest and call him all type of vile names.

They will root for an alleged serial rapist in Ben Roethlisberger before they would root for Michael Vick.

To hear Vick say that Kaepernick needs to cut his hair, go “clean-cut” and be presentable makes me sick to my stomach.

Michael Vick took a completely different route in his approach. Prior to the investigation into his dog fighting operation he presented a less than professional image. Even beyond his choice of clothing, he often times perpetuated an uneducated and thug image with profane language coupled with obscene gestures.

Following his conviction it was imperative that he shifted his Image and cleaned up so the administrators of the penal system could see him as a productive citizen. This is completely different juxtaposed to Colin Kaepernick’s situation.

We are talking about a brother who only spoke truth and chooses to rock his hair in a way that pays homage to his predecessors. Michael Vick just wants to say what people want to hear.

According to Black Sports Online these are, “Very sad and disheartening comments from Vick and maybe the saddest thing is the racists, prejudice and ignorant people of the world are going to latch on to them and use them as a talking point about how black people have to act. Just very disgusting comments from Vick, he honestly should be ashamed of himself. It isn’t our job as black people to make white people comfortable, all we want is equality and that shouldn’t require a special haircut.”

We must strive for more, for better. Along with this it is incumbent that we encourage our brothers. Which ever way they choose to wear there hair! I was taught to never look down on a man unless you are picking him up. The donkey of the day goes to Michael Vick.


Source: Black Sports Online

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Cobb’s Commentary: Should Colin Kaepernick cut his hair to be employable for the NFL?
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