Country’s Commentary: Why are fans tripping about Lonzo Ball wearing Kobe Bryant shoes!

Lonzo Ball has become a household name over the last few years. He is continuously watched and criticized on everything he says and does. He is even questioned on the shoes he wears! We all know Lonzo has a pair of shoes out: the ZO2’s. Last night, Lonzo had a great game scoring 36 points, but he was still criticized!  

 He wore Kobe’s shoes instead of wearing his own, nobody knows why he did this yet. Why does this even matter anyway? He didn’t wear just anybody shoe, he wore the franchise hall of famer’s shoes: Kobe Bryant. It would’ve been different if he had worn LeBron’s, Shaq’s, Kyrie’s, but he wore Kobe Bryant’s shoes; who is one of the franchise’s greatest players.

 The media is making a lot of buzz about this decision. All he wants to do is play basketball. When Lonzo put the shoes on, he probably wasn’t thinking the press is going to eat this up. We may never know why he decided to wear Kobe’s shoes; maybe he just wanted to play in a different pair of shoes.  

 The way fans have exalted him in Los Angeles is way too high! Lonzo is not the saving grace for the Lakers! Yes, he can make his teammates better and play at their best; but when you have a whole group of mediocre players playing at their highest potential, that will only make you a good team. It NOT make you a playoff contending team. The Lakers will win more games now that Lonzo Ball there, but they’re not going back to the “Lakers” we are used to seeing. Of course, they’re going to have more fans and it will be sold out every night, but if you’re not winning games, who cares.   

 Lonzo has something to prove this season! He must live up to his father’s and fans words. If he doesn’t, he will be classified as that “first overall pick” that was hyped up but ended up being average in the NBA. To be honest, Lonzo needs to put up numbers like he did last night, EVERY night. He’s playing against JV players compared to the talent Lonzo has. When we get to the regular season, that’s when we will be able to see if he will be able to last in this league. Can he play with Lebron, KD, Steph Curry, James Harden, Jimmy Butler? Can he show up against the greats of the League? Only time will tell if he is capable, that time is coming! I hope he’s ready!

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Country’s Commentary: Why are fans tripping about Lonzo Ball wearing Kobe Bryant shoes!
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