Country Commentary: Derek Carr is what you call a “Team Leader”, not just a great quarterback!!

Derek Carr had one of the biggest contracts in NFL history. However, because he is trying to build a championship team, he took less money so the organization would have more cap space to sign or re-sign key players. Persay, Gabe Jackson, who is one of the best gaurds in the league. Also, Marshawn” Beast Mode” Lynch, who is going to take the Oakland raiders run game to a whole other level. Considering, Oakland’s running game hasn’t been the best in the past season.

On the other hand, Kevin Durant also to a pay cut for the better of the Golden State Warriors as well. It’s honorable to see players do such things like these two players displayed. For the reason that players in professional league period are not putting themselves aside for their teams. They are getting offered more and more money from teams that are not as good as the team they are already on.

What happened to loyalty? It was a time when players refused to the leave there home teams before they brought their city a championship. Players are becoming comfortable leaving these teams they have been with since they came into these leagues, because they’re chasing rings. They want to take the short cuts now, they don’t want to build a team around them anymore.

To see players like Derek Carr and Kevin Durant, to be TEAM LEADERS in such a way a manner. It is a relief and a breathe of fresh air, that athletes will go through the process of building teams into championship teams. If there were more Derek Carr’s in the NBA, we wouldn’t be talking about “Superteams”. I think we have a bad casw of desperateness around these leauges and hopefully these athletes can be cured!!

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Country Commentary: Derek Carr is what you call a “Team Leader”, not just a great quarterback!!
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