Country’s Commentary: Having “Superteams”, in the NBA will help the league!!

In the last three seasons of the NBA, there have only been two teams to actually dominate the league. Those teams were the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, because for the past three seasons those teams have got stronger and stronger. No other team has been able to compete with these teams talent wise!

In this 2017-2018 season, it will be a lot more interesting than any season in the last four years. This off- season, the trades have been stimulating and thought-provoking even more than the past off-seasons. We at Joy105 Sports are .super pumped for next season because we know its not going to be as predictable as the last few years has been.

Instead of two teams being called “Superteams.” This season there will be about 5 0r 6 teams. This will help the NBA competitively. Now it isn’t boring! We actually have something to look forward to now! We don’t know if the Cavs or Warriors are coming out the East or West. With the Celtics acquiring Gordon Hayward, the Houston Rockets acquiring Chris Paul, and T-Wolves acquiring Jimmy Buckets as well as Taj Gibson the NBA is truly in for a disturbance this season. Meanwhile, the Sixers are building a dynasty. Paul George is headed to OKC so who knows how this 2018 NBA season will pan out.

This upcoming season might be a record breaking season in numbers for some of these NBA franchises, and also record lows for some of these franchise. It is literally giving me goosebumps just thinking about. The Lakers might actually return to “Showtime,” form of years ago. Even if you don’t watch basketball you know who Lonzo Ball is, and people will watch more basketball to see if he will live up to his own hype!

There is so much things that can happen in this upcoming season, and I couldn’t be more ready to see the results.  If you are a NBA fan, you know how I’m feeling right now, and the uncontrollable excitement I have. Will Russell Westbrook have another legendary season? Will him and Paul George click with the Thunder? Will the Sixers actually live up to the hype that the critics have on them? Will the Warriors breeze through everybody like they did last season? Will Carmelo stay in New York? There is so many questions we have, so many answers we want, but we will just have to see. Join the conversation via Twitter @Joy105 or @CountrySmith89, we would love to hear from you!



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Country’s Commentary: Having “Superteams”, in the NBA will help the league!!
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